Awesome React Hooks Libraries

Top 100 Awesome React.js Hooks in 2023(Updated at Mar 25, 2023)

React Hook is a function that share React state and lifecycle features bwtween the functional components. React Hook helps you to deal with component's side effects such as triggering an action when state values are changed. React Hook is awesome! Developers like using React Hook in web development. However, they also get overwhelmed because there are hundreds of React Hook packages. So what are the best React Hook packages? What are the most popular and most used React Hook?

React Hooks Collection

The list is sorted by download times.
  1. react-hook-form

    Performant, flexible and extensible forms library for React Hooks
  2. react-query

    Hooks for managing, caching and syncing asynchronous and remote data in React
  3. react-use

    Collection of React Hooks
  4. swr

    React Hooks library for remote data fetching
  5. use-debounce

    Debounce hook for react
  6. mobx-react-lite

    Lightweight React bindings for MobX based on React 16.8+ and Hooks
  7. react-responsive

    Media queries in react for responsive design
  8. react-cookie

    Access and modify cookies using React hooks.
  9. use-deep-compare-effect

    It's react's useEffect hook, except using deep comparison on the inputs, not reference equality
  10. react-swipeable

    React Swipe event handler hook
  11. use-query-params

    React Hook for managing state in URL query parameters with easy serialization.
  12. react-script-hook

    React hook to dynamically load an external script and know when its loaded
  13. use-immer

    Use immer with React hooks
  14. use-context-selector

    React useContextSelector hook in userland
  15. ahooks

    react hooks library
  16. react-async-hook

    Async hook
  17. use-ssr

    ☯️ React hook to determine if you're on the server or browser
  18. use-deep-compare

    React hooks, except using deep comparison on the inputs, not reference equality
  19. constate

    Yet another React state management library that lets you work with local state and scale up to global state with ease
  20. use-places-autocomplete

    React hook for Google Maps Places Autocomplete.
  21. react-use-clipboard

    React hook that provides copy to clipboard functionality.
  22. react-cool-onclickoutside

    React hook to listen for clicks outside of the component(s).
  23. react-useportal

    🌀 React hook for Portals
  24. react-cool-dimensions

    React hook to measure an element's size and handle responsive components.
  25. react-firebase-hooks

    React Hooks for Firebase
  26. react-tracked

    State usage tracking with Proxies. Optimize re-renders for useState/useReducer, React Redux, Zustand and others.
  27. use-media

    useMedia React hook
  28. react-cool-inview

    React hook to monitor an element enters or leaves the viewport (or another element).
  29. use-is-mounted-ref

    📦 useIsMountedRef is a React Hook to check when the component is mounted.
  30. use-force-update

    React Hook to force your function component to update.
  31. use-http

    React hook for making isomorphic http requests
  32. easy-peasy

    Vegetarian friendly state for React
  33. use-lilius

    A headless calendar hook for React.
  34. react-cool-virtual

    A tiny React hook for rendering large datasets like a breeze.
  35. react-media-hook

    React Hook for media query
  36. use-react-router

    React Hook for pub-sub behavior using React Router.
  37. react-hooks-global-state

    Simple global state for React with Hooks API without Context API
  38. use-dark-mode

    A custom React Hook to help you implement a "dark mode" component.
  39. react-wait

    Complex Loader Management for React Applications
  40. graphql-hooks

    Graphql Hooks
  41. react-use-form-state

    React hook for managing form and inputs state
  42. react-fetch-hook

    React fetch hook
  43. use-lang-direction

    A React hook that reads an element's dir attribute value and any updates to that value
  44. use-undo

    undo/redo functionality with React Hooks
  45. react-countdown-hook

    Dead simple yet powerful countdown hook for React.
  46. redux-react-hook

    React hook for accessing a Redux store.
  47. react-use-scroll-position

    A react hook to use scroll position
  48. use-reducer-async

    React useReducer with async actions
  49. use-sse

    useSSE - use server-side effect
  50. rxjs-hooks

    React hooks for RxJS
  51. use-double-click

    A simple React hook for differentiating single and double clicks on the same component.
  52. react-with-hooks

    react hooks polyfill
  53. react-hanger

    Set of a helpful hooks, for different specific to some primitives types state changing helpers
  54. react-use-scrollspy

    Flexible React Hook to automatically update navigation based on scroll position
  55. react-darkreader

    A React Hook for adding a dark / night mode to your site inspired by darkreader
  56. react-cool-portal

    React hook for Portals, which renders modals, dropdowns, tooltips etc. to <body> or else.
  57. react-hooks-visible

    react intersectionObserver helper library.
  58. react-metatags-hook

    React Hook to manage html meta tags
  59. use-async-memo

    React hook for generating async memoized data.
  60. react-speech-kit

    React hooks for in-browser Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis.
  61. scroll-data-hook

    React Hook that helps getting useful information about viewport scrolling
  62. the-platform

    React Hooks and Suspense-ready Components for Web API's and elements
  63. react-use-trigger

    React effect trigger hook
  64. use-events

    Event Hooks
  65. react-hooks-worker

    React custom hooks for web workers
  66. react-recipes

    A React Hooks utility library containing popular customized hooks
  67. use-position

    React hook for fetching and following browser location
  68. react-hooks-use-modal

    A react hook which can open the modal with react-portal
  69. react-window-communication-hook

    Communicate between windows, tabs, iframes
  70. use-mouse-action

    React Hooks to listen to both mouse down or up and click events with a once called function.
  71. react-intersection-visible-hook

    react intersection visible hook for react
  72. react-use-id-hook

    This is a tiny hook to create consisent id strings while rendering React, both when doing SSR and normally.
  73. use-abortable-fetch

    React hook that does a fetch and aborts when the components is unloaded or a new fetch request is started.
  74. react-screen-wake-lock

    React implementation of the Screen Wake Lock API. It provides a way to prevent devices from dimming or locking the screen when an application needs to keep running.
  75. react-hooks-lib

    A set of reusable React Hooks
  76. react-request-hook

    Managed request calls made easy by React Hooks
  77. react-hooks-async

    React custom hooks for async functions with abortability and composability
  78. use-overflow

    A React Hook that allows you to detect X and Y overflow
  79. use-clippy

    A React hook for reading from and writing to the clipboard.
  80. react-use-api

    react-use-api feeds API data to React components when SSR (Server-Side Rendering), and caches the data to Front-End
  81. react-hooks-svgdrawing

    React svg drawing library. This library is a React extension of svg-drawing.
  82. use-hovering

    Simple, accessible React hook for tracking hover state.
  83. use-email-autocomplete

    📭 React hook for email autocomplete inputs
  84. react-cool-form

    React hooks for forms state and validation, less code more performant.
  85. react-hookedup

    A collection of useful React hooks
  86. modali

    A delightful modal dialog component for React, built from the ground up to support React Hooks.
  87. fetch-suspense

    A React hook compatible with React 16.6's Suspense component.
  88. use-detect-print

    A custom hook to detect printing in the browser
  89. use-multiselect

    React hook for managing a the selection state of a set of items. Does not require full knowledge of the set of items.
  90. react-recaptcha-hook

    React hook for google-recaptcha v3
  91. use-scroll-to-bottom

    A React Hook which tells you when you've scrolled to bottom
  92. concent

    Build-in dependency collection, a predictable、zero-cost-use、progressive、high performance's react develop framework
  93. use-click-away

    React hook that triggers a callback when user clicks outside the element.
  94. react-native-react-bridge

    An easy way to integrate your React (or Preact) app into React Native app with WebView.
  95. moment-hooks

    Incredibly awesome hooks
  96. use-boolean

    React hook for more convenient handling of boolean state
  97. react-cached-callback

    Library for excluding function generations on React's render function call
  98. use-suspender

    Wraps asynchronous functions allowing to use them with React.Suspense
  99. react-user-media

    React components for webcam and audio
  100. react-enhanced-reducer-hook

    An alternative to React.useReducer that accepts middlewares to do some cool things before and after dispatch.