Awesome React UI Components Libraries

The Top 12 Most Used React.js UI Libraries in 2023(Updated at Mar 25, 2023)

To develope a web applcation, it's wise to use a React UI component library instead of writing your own from scatch is a great idea. A good React UI component makes you to focus on business logic instead of implementation. Use the beautiful and pretty UI components for your apps.

React UI Components Collection

The list is sorted by download times.
  1. react-bootstrap

    Bootstrap 5 components built with React
  2. antd

    An enterprise-class UI design language and React components implementation
  3. reactstrap

    React Bootstrap components
  4. @chakra-ui/react

    Responsive and accessible React UI components built with React and Emotion
  5. semantic-ui-react

    The official Semantic-UI-React integration.
  6. @blueprintjs/core

    Core styles & components
  7. theme-ui

    The Design Graph Framework
  8. primereact

    PrimeReact is an open source UI library for React featuring a rich set of 80+ components, a theme designer, various theme alternatives such as Material, Bootstrap, Tailwind, premium templates and professional support. In addition, it integrates with Prime
  9. rebass

    React primitive UI components built with Styled System
  10. rsuite

    A suite of react components
  11. grommet

    focus on the essential experience
  12. react-onsenui

    Onsen UI - React Components for Hybrid Cordova/PhoneGap Apps with Material Design and iOS UI components