Awesome React UI Components Libraries

Most Used React.js UI Libraries in 2023(Jun 7, 2023)

To develope a web applcation, it's wise to use a React UI component library instead of writing your own from scatch is a great idea. A good React UI component makes you to focus on business logic instead of implementation. Use the beautiful and pretty UI components for your apps.

React UI Components Collection

  1. react-bootstrap

    0.932022-12-072,104.1 k21.4 k
    Bootstrap 5 components built with React
  2. antd

    0.992023-01-151,243.7 k83.8 k
    An enterprise-class UI design language and React components implementation
  3. @chakra-ui/react

    0.882023-01-12511.3 k30.7 k
    Responsive and accessible React UI components built with React and Emotion
  4. reactstrap

    1.002022-10-27488.3 k10.4 k
    React Bootstrap components
  5. semantic-ui-react

    1.002022-11-23253.5 k12.9 k
    The official Semantic-UI-React integration.
  6. @blueprintjs/core

    0.952023-01-10240.1 k19.5 k
    Core styles & components
  7. primereact

    0.652022-12-0587.1 k3.3 k
    PrimeReact is an open source UI library for React featuring a rich set of 80+ components, a theme designer, various theme alternatives such as Material, Bootstrap, Tailwind, premium templates and professional support. In addition, it integrates with Prime
  8. theme-ui

    0.682022-11-1072.2 k4.8 k
    The Design Graph Framework
  9. rebass

    0.842019-10-2869.8 k7.7 k
    React primitive UI components built with Styled System
  10. rsuite

    0.822023-01-1260.4 k7.3 k
    A suite of react components
  11. grommet

    0.972023-01-1133 k8.1 k
    focus on the essential experience