Top React Hooks Libraries in 2024

Awesome React.js Hooks Collection(May 25, 2024)

React Hooks provide a way to reuse stateful logic across components without having to use higher-order components or render props. They also help to simplify and organize code by allowing developers to split a component into smaller, reusable functions that each use their own state. So what are the best React Hook packages? What are the most popular and most used React Hook?

React Hooks Collection

  1. react-use

    React-use is a widely adopted and versatile library that provides a comprehensive collection of React hooks for various use cases. Its popularity can be attributed to its maintainability, frequent updates, and active community support. React-use is renowned for its ease of use, making it a top choice for developers seeking to enhance their React applications with well-documented hooks. The library's high quality ensures reliability in your projects, and its extensive ecosystem offers solutions to a broad spectrum of development challenges.
    One of the notable advantages of React-use is the abundance of hooks tailored to common use cases like state management, animations, and form handling. Developers appreciate the library's clean and consistent API, which accelerates development while maintaining code quality. The versatility and reliability of React-use make it a standout library in the React ecosystem, and its widespread adoption is a testament to its effectiveness.
  2. ahooks

    Ahooks is a library that has gained popularity for its simplicity and maintainability in providing React hooks. While it shares similarities with react-use, ahooks introduces its unique utilities and optimizations, making it an attractive choice for many developers. The library's clean and intuitive API seamlessly integrates with React projects, ensuring a smooth development experience.
    Developers who choose ahooks appreciate its lightweight and performant nature, making it a suitable option for projects where efficiency is crucial. Ahooks' growing popularity in the React community reflects its effectiveness in simplifying common tasks and improving the overall development workflow. With its balance between ease of use and performance, ahooks offers a valuable addition to the React developer's toolkit.
  3. graphql-hooks

    GraphQL-hooks is a library designed for interacting with GraphQL APIs in React applications. It provides a hook-based approach to query and mutate data from a GraphQL server. The library is well-maintained and suited for projects that use GraphQL as their data source, ensuring maintainability and ease of use.
    GraphQL-hooks simplifies the integration of GraphQL into React projects by offering a hook-based API. This approach ensures maintainable code while enabling developers to interact with GraphQL data efficiently. Its popularity within the GraphQL community is a testament to its quality and ease of use, making it a preferred choice for projects that rely on GraphQL for data management.