Awesome React UI Components Libraries

Most Used React.js UI Libraries in 2024(May 25, 2024)

To develope a web applcation, it's wise to use a React UI component library instead of writing your own from scatch is a great idea. A good React UI component makes you to focus on business logic instead of implementation. Use the beautiful and pretty UI components for your apps.

React UI Components Collection

  1. @mui/material

    Material-UI, often referred to as MUI, is a widely used React UI framework that stands out for its robust component library and adherence to Google's Material Design principles. In comparison to other libraries, MUI offers a comprehensive set of components, including advanced ones like Data Grid and Data Table, making it suitable for both simple and complex projects. Its vibrant ecosystem, active community, and consistent updates contribute to its popularity and maintainability. If you value a rich component selection and a modern design language, Material-UI is an excellent choice.
  2. antd

    Ant Design (antd) is a comprehensive React UI library with a modern, clean design. In comparison to other libraries, Ant Design has rapidly gained popularity and offers a vast collection of components, such as powerful form controls and data visualization options. Its strong international community and ecosystem contribute to its maintainability and adaptability to various projects. The library's attention to accessibility and mobile responsiveness makes it a compelling choice, especially if you need a feature-rich, globally recognized library.
  3. react-bootstrap

    React-Bootstrap is an integration of the popular Bootstrap framework with React, making it a solid choice for developers who want to combine the familiarity of Bootstrap with React's component structure. Compared to other libraries, it provides access to a wide range of Bootstrap components, including responsive grids and utility classes. While it may not be as trendsetting as some newer libraries, its maintainability is supported by the broader Bootstrap community. If you appreciate Bootstrap's styling and want seamless integration with React, React-Bootstrap is a reliable option.
  4. @chakra-ui/react

    Chakra UI is a modern React component library known for its modular and accessible design system. In comparison to other libraries, it provides a developer-centric experience with components such as Stack and Tabs. While it may not be as established as some other libraries, it has been gaining traction due to its developer-focused features and ease of theming. Chakra UI's maintainability is supported by an enthusiastic community. If you want to create accessible and consistent user interfaces with ease, Chakra UI is a strong contender.
  5. reactstrap

    reactstrap bridges the gap between React and Bootstrap, offering a collection of Bootstrap 4 components tailored for React applications. Compared to other libraries, it's known for its simplicity and ease of integration, with components like Dropdowns and Navs. While it may not be as prominent as other libraries, it's a straightforward choice for developers who appreciate Bootstrap's design principles and want a minimalistic, yet maintainable, solution for UI development.
  6. semantic-ui-react

    Semantic UI React is the official integration of Semantic UI with React. In comparison to other libraries, it offers a straightforward approach to UI development with semantic class names and intuitive components like Cards and Modals. While it may not receive the same level of attention as some other libraries, it's known for its user-friendly design language. Semantic UI React benefits from the active Semantic UI community, enhancing its maintainability and accessibility. If you prefer semantic class names and an uncomplicated UI development process, this library is worth considering.
  7. @blueprintjs/core

    Blueprint is a React component library optimized for creating complex and data-intensive web applications. In comparison to other libraries, it provides a set of high-quality components like Table and Popover, suitable for advanced data manipulation. Blueprint may not have the same widespread adoption as some other libraries, but it benefits from a dedicated community, ensuring its maintainability and the availability of useful extensions. If you are working on applications that require advanced data visualization and manipulation features, Blueprint is a top choice.
  8. primereact

    PrimeReact is a set of rich and responsive UI components for React, inspired by the popular PrimeFaces framework. In comparison to other libraries, it provides a comprehensive set of components for data presentation, including DataTable and Chart. Its maintainability is supported by the broader PrimeFaces community. PrimeReact is a top contender for developers who need robust and feature-packed components in their React applications, especially those working on data-driven projects.
  9. rsuite

    RSuite is a collection of React components known for their high-quality and customizable nature. Compared to other libraries, it offers a wide range of components like Date Picker and Tree, making it adaptable to diverse projects. While it may not have the same level of recognition, its dedicated user base ensures its maintenance and growth. RSuite is an appealing choice for developers looking for professional-grade UI components that can be tailored to various application requirements.
  10. theme-ui

    Theme UI is a minimalistic library designed for building customizable and themable UIs in React. In comparison to other libraries, it is focused on providing essential building blocks and a theming system. While it may not have the same recognition as larger libraries, its maintainability is supported by a dedicated group of users. Theme UI is an excellent choice for developers who prefer to build their custom design systems and themes, offering complete control over the UI's look and feel.
  11. rebass

    Rebass is a lightweight library for building responsive and consistent UIs in React. In comparison to other libraries, it is known for its minimalistic approach and emphasis on essential primitives like Box and Flex. Rebass is maintained by a small community, making it stable for its target audience, which is developers who value a DIY approach to UI component creation. If you want to build your custom UI components from simple building blocks, Rebass offers the flexibility to do so.
  12. grommet

    Grommet is a mobile-first, responsive, and accessible design system and UI library for React. Compared to other libraries, it distinguishes itself with a user-centric design approach and an emphasis on accessibility, offering components like ResponsiveGrid and FormField. While it may not have the same level of recognition as some other libraries, its maintainability is supported by an active community. Grommet is an excellent choice for developers who prioritize creating user-friendly and responsive applications with ease, particularly in sectors where accessibility is paramount.